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CN2R WPX Record

CN2R CQ WPX SSB 2008 record.

Browsing internet expances I came across a new (to me :-)) Jim's, CN2R site.
Listened to his best rate Contest Audio recordings (would recommend everyone to derive his own benefit from listening).
What leaped to the eye or ears (don't know which word would be right - so take one you enjoy :-), is that Jim still have a reserves to increase rates if he change a bit his way of operation.
It seems like Jim is first of all following the principle of ALWAYS TO BE IN MOTION. It is clearly heard that even during the best rate periods he ask to repeat and it slow him down considerably.
Some time ago while working out my manner of operation I listened to a lot of audio files.
As a good teaching aid I used the recording of K9PG operating ZF2MM in ARRL SSB. Very much usefull listening.
Of course I do not appeal to copy somebody's style exactly. One should use the manner he enjoy, but I'm sure there would be no harm in taking of some usefull components in the manner of Top Contesters.
By the way it is surprising that there are no our operators in the list at .
Morser Runner is great but isn't it a time to move from virtual world ito the real one? :-)

After listening to rates I turned to logs.
I was quite surprised of what I heard.
I opened several (though not many) logs but will take "CQ WPX SSB 2008 CN2R Single Op Single Band 20" Top Score log as an example.
I listened for quite a while. What surprised me immediately was a strange (for professional contestmen) manner of handling S&P QSO's, especially "What is your call?" grates on me.
Here is this file: .
But it's good for Jim that he put his audio logs on the web, well done!
I think that it's already time now to require sending contest audio recording along with Cabrillo log file if entrant lays claim to Top List (the more so, that many people record their Contest operation for future review).
Well, I expect complaints that sending audio logs is very difficalt due to bandidth required and other reasons.
But we live in another century now and ftp-servers will let you upload files easy.

When listening even for a short while, another burning question , discussed for many years by now with no answer yet, arised.
The Contest Committee members always state that correcting logs after the contest is prohibited and may lead to disqualifications.
They state, but at the same time clearly know that many entrants correct their logs afterwards, including WW Committee members.
To be understood right I must note that it is not a matter of replacing character in a call typed by chance.
Many use special software whith database including Callbook, Contest logs, Cluster Spots logs etc. After processing of a log one get a list of wrong and suspicious calls and exchanges which are corrected then. Thus number of wrong calls/exchanges as well as penalties decrease dramatically.
Experienced contester can tell processed log from original by confirmation criteria and it is not a mystery to Contest Committee.
If logs processing is byond control so probably it is worth to make this software generally available and offer as Cabrillo format for example :-). But again placing audio recordings along with log files could partially solve this problem.
Some time ago me and Oms, PY5EG suggested submitting logs within 24 hours after the contest but this idea was not supported.

Well, let's come back to CN2R files.
Take a listen to QSO number 45 with UA6GP. Was this QSO confirmed (i.e. was the exchange corrected after the contest)?
If the number was changed The Contest Committee may disqualify CN2R for correcting log, but in reality it means that CN2R may suffer from his openness.

I really hope that Contest Committee will ensure equal conditions to all entrants, and at least at this particular point they have a choice
73 Al 4L5A