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C91JD C91DJ C91DN Mozambique

Daniel ZS6JR and my self ZS6DJD will be operating from Mozambique for Seven to ten days starting on the 3th or 4th of may 2012 depending how quick we get the equipment up.
The idea was to park next to a small lake in Shai Shai Mozambique 400 km north of the capital and operate all
vertical antennas with the earth wires in the water and see what we could do .
So we will operate vertical on most bands 40m to 10m, but Daniel has also decided to take a Hex beam antenna with.
If we get the chance we will also work 6m and 80m.
I do not have a call sign as yet.
This we will only get soon .
I will most probably get C91JD Or C91DJ or C91DN.
Conditions allowing we should be on all these bands. on 20m around 14.200, 14.1950, 02 14.900 or 14.2100 on 15m at 28.2800 or 21.2750, 21.2700 21.650, 21.500.
On Ten Meters at 28.450 or 28.470 or 28.500 and others bands 17m and 12m.

Would you be so kind as to tell as many Amateurs as possible.
Thank you very much and all the best .
73 and 88.

Yours in the Amateur Radio Hobby