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BY4IB Jiming Island 2013

IOTA AS146 CHINA HAM (JIMING ISLAND) Callsign;BY4IB(Marconi Radio Club from Weihai CHINA)
Date;July 21 UTC00; 00 (QRV UTC05;00) in 2013 - July 28 2013 UTC12; 00 29 go home. Operator; BG3MKT BA4MY BD4FM BD4TS BD4KA BD4KM BD4KW BD4OJ BH4IGO BG4NMT BG4NRU BH4SQE BD6NN ...
TX/RX;TS-590S*2 TS-480HX*1 IC7000*1 ATN; Spiderbeam*2 AV640*1 14-50MHZ HVD*1 3-7MHZ V-DP*2(15M High) PA; JAA (2KW) 3MN (2KW)
QTH; Weihai is located at 37°26′59.00″ N and 122°28′52.30″ E. GRID;PM17FK
Note; landing and withdrawal of the island according to local weather, pay attention to the concern
QSL;BY4IB Direct or Bureau(P.O. Box 73 Tiancun Weihai City , CHINA 264200).
Note; the Bureau takes a long time.