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AU2JCB India 2012

AU2JCB Special event call-sign .
AU2 JCB special event call-sign is going to be operated by VU2DSI around the birth date 30 NOV of the great Indian scientist Aacharya Jagadish Chandra BOSE.
Aacharya J.C.BOSE is now recognized as a “FATHER of WIRELESS COMMUNICATION” all around the world.His experiments in 1895 predates all others in the world
The details of the operation are------- Call-sign----------- AU2 JCB Period of operation---- 24 NOV to 10 DEC 2012 Frequency---- 10 M—28545,28590,28490 Khz. 12M---24950 Khz. 15M---21235,21350 Khz. 20M-- 14350,14250,14220 Khz. 40M--- 7035,7150 Khz. ALL IN SSB. 06M----- 51500 FM mode.
The operation will be on one frequency at a time starting from 10 M &as permitted by propagation.
QSL-------------- to VU2DSI as address on QRZ.COM.
As many are asking & sending qsl’sfrom around the world SASE or 2IRC’s----if possible will be appreciated .