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Video 9LY1JM Banana Island

2021-01-19 08:09:19
January 2019 DXpedition 9LY1JM to Banana Island, IOTA AF - 037, Sierra Leone, by F6KOP team.
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Video EME Communication

2020-12-28 06:44:03
The Earth-Moon-Earth (EME) Communications in which Ham Radio Signal sent straight up to Moon using directional antenna making using of the moon as a passive reflector and thus some part of the radiating signal reflects back to the earth that makes it possible to have long-distance communication.
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Video 7C9B

2020-12-02 11:47:14
Video 7C9B ORARI Lokal Bima Sumbawa Island IOTA DX Pedition.
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Tatakoto Atoll TX0T Story

2020-11-15 08:54:10
Tatakoto was first sighted in 1774 by two Spanish navigators who independently landed there on Oct 29, the same day I reached it in 2020.
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Video W3LPL History of Transoceanic Radio Communications

2020-10-08 18:40:37
Presentation covers radio technology development from the Maxwell's mathematical description of electromagnetic waves in 1860-1865, Hertz's development of a crude spark transmitter and spark receiver that proved the existence electromagnetic waves in 1886-1888
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